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MysticWriter 2nd Edition by Michael Orris - Piano Music With A Twist, Blues/Jazz/Rock, Brave, Bold, Exhilarating! Jammin backbeats, lyrics for the mind and soul..... A Musical Nostradamus!!! Prepare to enter a realm of profound....sonic vistas, it invites one on an adventure of the imagination, overlayed arrangements, unique chord positioning, not your typical progression for any kind of music. Noteing actual time relevance to meter with structured rythmns and variances within the pattern, a natural bridge between Rock N Roll and Jazz/Blues Music. MysticWriter 2nd Edition *Troll Time *Pulse Meter *Wreckage Of Souls *The OWM Factor *Digit Dash Dot *Wartorn Manifest *Doom Flower *Cactus On Ice Michael has written and produced the entirity of this production and has been playing as a studio musician, performer and a raw unhibited percussionists for yrs. and has evolved to the piano, still persuing his drumming abilities, he plays double bass drums no cheaters its real foot to drum with precission force. Studio Sound 80(Denver,CO.), Wally Hieder Studios(San Francisco,CA.), Tiki Studios(San Jose,CA.), Reed Street Studios(San Jose,CA.), Derek Studios (Tulsa,OK.), are just a few studios that he has recorded at. Such accompaniments in his life time range from a host of very well known artists in the music business. Michael has endelevd in music with a passion for something very new and exciting focusing on songwriting and composition. This production is very true to the heart, you can feel his inspiring emotions thru every note & key and it's all pronounced with yrs. of percussion behind him. Michael attributes alot of his musical soul to the players he has performed with at one time or another. Angelo Collins-Mstr.Percussionists-[USMC], Rufas Rodirigues LS-studio muscian-Tower Of Power- S.J.,Ca., TommyBolin-EbbtsFlds,Dnvr.,Co.,S.C.I., FrnchQtr.,SFSD., LeonRussel-Derek Studios, Jerry Lee Lewis-SaddleRack, San Jose, Ca., JohnnyDollar-L.V.NV. etc. Productions for Michael Orris can be found from Label, Michael Orris, c.d.. MysticWriter 2nd Edition, at: Napster, AudioLunchbox, Daiki,Apple iTunes, MP3tunes, MP3-Extension, PayPlay, PlayIndies, GroupieTunes, Ruckus, Verizon, Bitmunk, BuyMusic, Inprodicon, MusicIsHere, Rhapsody, Tradebit, Muze, ZuKool, Sonific, Starzik, Interia, GroupieTunes, rVibe, MOL, GreatIndieMusic, WrapFactory, MusicNow, iSound and more! Available at 2400 retail stores in the U.S.A. and 99 digital download services WorldWide! MysticWriter 2nd Edition - All Productions digitally signed, ©cpyrt and ®reg. MysticWriter and 2nd Edition Previews Available here - *** *** *** Thank You For Visiting - Come Again!!!
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